Thursday, September 03, 2015

Things I need to do.

I've done everything I've ever wanted to do really.But I haven't quite done what I need do do. therefore it's time to change my focus. There are things I haven't yet done in my adult life; Things I should have done at a Teenager or Young adult. I have never had anyone to teach me certain things . you'd wonder why... but It's politics in my household along with some things that I just cant get away from as well as my own decisions. I'm 30, I ride the bus because I can't drive. Many people ask me, Why can't you drive? I can't legally because I haven't passed the test yet, I took the test as a teenager fresh out of high school. I failed it and never went back.. I have had all the opportunity to do it again. but I haven't. why? well, I have no exact reason. One think I don't have is. I don't possess the skill to drive. I was never taught for one reason of another. Then I realize, My All my Siblings drive with the exception of myself and my youngest brother. Us all and my mom have one thing in common. My Dad never taught us how to. He's always been there. but he's had his reasons for not teaching us. One of them is because he'd claiim We weren't opn his Car Insurance. (which wouldn't really make a difference IMO), Otherwise, His Didn't teach him. Of course his dad left his mom when my dad was 12, and he learned how to drive while in the Air-force. What's wrong with this, My dad has always been with my mom. I grew up with my dad and he's still here. but he hasn't really taught me, nor any of my siblings how to drive.. I think It's time I learn how. because I can't depend on buses & rides from others anymore. I've been behind the wheel of a car only twice in my life, but I didn't go anywhere beyond "Up the Block" and to park or "Stop"/ But I've never had the opportunity to take to the open road and get away from here. That is my GOAL at this point. (really!)
My Older Brother learned to drive in Job Corps, My Oldest Sister went to driving school,, , My Other sister learned from her ex, That Sister Taught My Little brother Brother how to drive, Otherwise he taught himself My mom still can't drive.. It's time I get away from here and make moves to learn., get up and go...