Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pay the Photographer

Folks who usually complain that $150.00 for Digital pix is too much money, are usually the people who don't realize that I could be charging them WAY MORE. I don't charge more because I know that folks will turn me down.

If I were to charge you $75 every 2 hours for a 6 hour party. You'd be paying me $225.00. That's $25 more than when I used to I charge $200 On top of that i was giving away 200 printed 4x6 photos.That's like $1 per photo. totally disregarding the Hours i've spent taking photos and the hours i will spend preparing them for the client.

Just imagine taking over 1000 pictures having to review, edit and delete some just to get to the Better 400 just to prepare the Greater 200 of those for print. That does not happen overnight

I am not Instagram. With Instagram. quality is heavily sacrificed to share a quick picture. I am giving you a quantity of quality. the least you could do pay the $150

The Truth is, I've been giving away 400+ Pix for $100 just to satisfy folks.. that's not good.
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