Friday, March 11, 2016

My Brand

Random: I came up with the name "Book Multimedia" after many attempts to Brand Myself and what I do. Especially because i constantly reminded that I should put my name on everything I do.

2002-04 Bookmanized Video,
04-08 Book Video, Book TV, Book Vision, Book Vision 2.0.
08-2012 Book Media Creations
2012 til now: Book Multimedia

Please note, I had thought up many other names amidst all of those, I even had intentions to separate myself from the brand. Yet without me, the brand is dead.

My Logo contains a Cross hair for a number of reasons.
1. I didn't want to be like most photographers who's logos include a shutter.

2. My Camera is a weapon. I aim, scope out, and focus on my subject prior to shooting them

3. When shooting video the shutter does not close, therefore using a shutter as a logo would be a misrepresentation on what I am doing.

3. I was inspired by the lyrics to Franz Ferdinand's song "Take Me Out" He sings these words "I'm Just a Cross hair, I'm just a shot away from you" With that said,There's a whole lot of things I need to do with this brand, but I need the funds to do it.. If only I had support I'd be much greater at the things I do, and will do with this brand.
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