Monday, April 25, 2016

Thinking of & Remembering My Cousin Chanel

In December of 2007, My cousin Chanel was murdered in cold blood, laying face first with 4 shots to the Back.. Today She is on my mind, I don't know what exactly brought this to me, but I thought about how messed up it was for her to be killed. She didn't deserve it. but people are just cold.

I guess, with Will Smith being killed in similar fashion (Shots to the back), It was something loose in the back of my mind. And with april being a month of Major cases and Celebrity deaths, for some reason It made me think back to the face my family (as beneath my grandmothers wing) was not raised like those among us. We all had things that kept us grounded and solid, some of us are Successful, some of us lead average lives. Yet it boggles me that my cousin was killed just 2 months after my grandma passed away..

There are other unfortunate incidents and or deaths within  family, but the murder of chanel stands out greatly because she was my little cousin, just 2 years younger than myself. I was greatly affected and thinking about it just hurts.

I was listening to pandora and some tunes came on that somehow made me think of the lives of the people in my old neighborhood and how many of us are no longer with us. Also how we lived just a door away but lived worlds apart.  basically, we all were raised differently and it shows. I am thankful for my life, I am also glad to see others succeed. but It hurts to think of that one situation. It also brought me back to the fact that I recently saw a post Chanel's baby sister made on facebook...

Sometimes I wish I could have been there to save her life. Sometimes I wish I could talk to her. I miss her, the family misses her.. I Cried today thinking of her because I miss her.  Life!

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