Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Fat Girl Prom Pic Issue

My Apologies if my wording offends you, but i have to say it this way.
Okay, so last month sometime a picture surfaced of an obese young lady attending prom. This causes a lot of commentary, both negative and positive, and even for her to make more videos speaking out on how she feels. The girl presents herself as very confident. but the question here would be: Is she ignoring the truth?  That's the topic everyone is on at the moment.

With that said: I'm  following a thread of facebook where the discussion is taking place beneath this video.

Although this guy is right, His approach is still a problem. and does not solve anything.
What I would hope folks understand is that all the Talking about her as well as what may be (or may have) going (or went) on, in her life may be impacting her weight. and she probably has absolutely no help. That's the issue. and also maybe she doesn't desire to lose weight as a whole. but I think that folks should just go ahead and let her live and be her. because  constantly putting her down without a way to curb her habits just won't help. It could possibly make her stress more and eat more as well.

Looking at my own struggles

I weighed 180lbs in 5th grade, This was 2 years after my little brother died. Now as an Adult When I look back at it. I could remember how I began eating heavier after  he passed away. Eating was  obviously a way I dealt with stress, because it made me happy/ The bigger I had gotten the more i got teased and bullied and all that. it just came with growing up..  It never curbed my appetite when someone decided to poke fun at my weight ever..  Yet there was an obvious limit. I would see other people who were fatter and barely walking straight or sloppy looking and it would bother me, making me say "I'd never want to be in their position or get that fat"

In High School i was about 220 pounds, I was  in Band so I maintained a solid weight
After High School an extra 20 pounds, I ended up having lower back surgery for a herniated disk in January 2003 due to a back problem which I had suffered with, likely due to growing up overweight. Dealing with that was stressful itself, even when hearing the Dr say "You're overweight and need to lose" of course by then it was like "Dang I really should do this" but I still had no guidance to do so myself. I gained more weight. But After all of that my awareness was on point to identify other folks who had back problems and totally tie it to their weight problem.

I also had people under the impression that I made my back problem an excuse or was lying about it.
On top of gaining the weight, by 2006 I was 280+ totally ignoring the rules I had been sad under to never hold anything heavy. I ended up joining TSU's band and playing tuba than..  Yet I Maintained that weight even up to about 2013 where I found myself well over 315 pounds .. And I Still suffer with back  and neckl problems to this day.. All because I had no help nor motivation to lose beyond Doctors scaring me with the facts that I really need to lose.

But Then Again, of course It's not all about losing the witght, it's about chaining your life style, and that's the hard part. I haven't changed my lifestyle. only my eating habits have slightly changed due to my knowledge of what it is I consume.

I am Now maintaining a weight between 280 and 285, and Although I've lost about 25 points in  the last year, there's always somebody there to say "Hey Fat Person, You Need to Go on A Died" That doesn't help at all //The Problem there is "You Don't Know My Struggle" .. Help me. don't hurt me.

That's how I feel about this whole subject matter.
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