Friday, July 08, 2016

My Essence Weekend:

Last weekend was the first time I had spent all 3 days at Essence Fest. I wouldn't have done that without my friend Gee. She came all the way from Louisville, Kentucky to be an Essence Fest vendor,. She got here with a friend of her's, DeAnna. I met them both Wednesday Morning to help them set up for the weekend. It was cool meeting them. Especially Gee, simply because I had known her since about 2004 when I joined a website called which was a forum.

Myself and her were like the only two teenagers on the site, and in a time with screen names / User Handles, Signatures and avatars instead of Real names and pictured profiles. we were able to keep up with each other. Finally meeting just last week. and IMO, it was amazing to see her finally. With her being a vendor, she received 3 passes for the event. which was great for me because I honestly wouldn't have been there the whole weekend.

On top of that, one of those nights, I attended and worked an event for EMFAM, which is an Entertainment and Films Company,. Al thought I've been doing things with them since December. I've only did two official events with them. Otherwise I've been in and around what they've been doing since I was introduced to Toxic, Great guy, great company. IMO All I wanna do for them is be of some kind of assistance. That day was hard, It was a Friday and I hadn't gotten any sleep. but It was worth it. I had actually met one of the from the EMFAM event, at Essence fest the very next day.

As a vendor for essence, although just assisting, I learned a lot from Gee's experience with her sales. just by watching. She wasn't happy due to spending so much money to get here, only to make a small percentage of those funds she spent back. She spent nearly $5000 to get here and likely made less than $2000. So She as well as other vendors had  lots of complaints due to lack of sales. and placement in the building.  She was able to seel alot of her stuff, but more toward when it was time close and exit the building. There were lots of mothers and kids running up to her to purchase. it was cool. That's her demographic too.

I realized other vendors who weren't near or facing the stages weren't making many real sales.
and the Non Profits and food vendors weren't really getting many people to come by either. I think it was all due to the set up there as well. Every thing was so far away from each other.  Yet when the famous folks began to show out, people came in pacts  blocking walkways within the building, That wasn't the most present thing ever.

I personally, didn't care about seeing the famous folks, I was there to support a my friends. and had a great time talking with them. I wish I could have hung out with them a bit more. I was telling them about our city. and its culture. Although Gee wanted to know Stories which were voodoo related. I had none for her because we really don't keep up with that stuff (especially me lol)  They loved it though so that was a great thing.

Gee's product is called "Miss Zee", She has Coloring Books, Wall Decals, Canvas Art,  Tote Bags, Baby Clothes etc with her artwork on it. and I think It's all amazing. I had a very great time. and because of them both.  Because of it,  It  made me want to go out some more. which I rarely do. LOL

The Pics are as follows.. Myself and Gee, then Gee and DeAnna, and Myself and DeAnna below.
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