Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Moments at the moment

Today, my oldest sister's younger daughter graduates from high school, Great right!. YEAH!!
I hope I'll be ready in time. I just may stay up. but I've been up since 1am. if I could get some sleep until 8. I'll be great. The Ceremony is for 2. I just convenced my dad to come, he said he didn't wanna go because he doesn't like to eat out (the obvious) but that's not the reason for the occasion. too special.

I talked to my brother Jaime today, He asked if I was coming out there in the fall. Honestly I don't know. I need to fix some stuff in my life to make "The Fall" possible. Gotta get that together

On to The Recent.

Talking to my friend, she just went ahead with the flow even though I tried to convince her not to. but she did anyway. When you say you're gonna leave someone alone after a bad situation. I don't think they should be worth your time.. But It's like you're dealing with a party who wants something but doesn't wanna deal with something else. yet she's still dealing with the something else because she chooses to desire the whole package. it's one thing to try something once, or twice. but to reject the whole thing and go back to it while "claiming" the rejection is just as bad or even worse..

That reminds me of some stuff I gave up on and went back to.. I guess that's why I understand that concept so well.  Man, Myself and her are too nice, she's way too far direct, and I like to hold things off, but I can be real honest with her, so I do.  I just wish that She understood how it makes me feel to be that guy who doesn't  get what he wants.. lol

On to some other things..

My Facebook Status is  "I'm a Bad Man" .. Which is quoted from the Rikishi  WWE "Heel" theme.
The reason for it is because of how alot of female see the world. It's like when a female says "I wan't a good man" but You "The Good person" is sitting before her and she clearly isn'y trying to find you, because she's attracted to the physical attributes and mindset of the man who is not a good person. Therefore she considers me not good enough for her..   Generally, the total make up of my being, makes me a not good enough in their eyes. Therefore I am bad. All the Preferences in the world can't save you from what you physically and mentally desire.

- Book
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