Friday, July 08, 2016

Baton Rouge, Minnesota, Dallas

Tragic, Tragic Tragic!. It's a very sad time in america.  I woke up on the 5th heareing about Anton Sterling's Murder by police. The Outrage began in postings, then hours later, The guy in Minesota, Philando Castle. It's MURDER by police. These videos scared me, It they were hard to watch. all i could say is It's like modern public lynchings. I'm glad we have technology to record these situations, but Honestly I can't bare to watch our people get murdered and posted up right after.

I just wish our So Called Conscious community came together to DO something positive, instead of just acknowledging that the bad has happened or blaming "White People" and Police and The Government for the problems.. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE.  Don't Result into the Madness that happened in Dallas. it's SAD!!.

My People, MY PEOPLE! I love you all but we are better than this!.

Alton Sterling's Murder was heartbreaking enough, I don't wanna see it anymore. what was even worse was seeing his son cry "I want My Daddy" as his mom spoke about the tragedy.. Anton's Son is a band student of a friend of mine. I hope that music takes this young man and his siblings to a better place. because it's very much messed up what happened to his dad.

My Prayers go out to both He's family and Philando's, To have his girlfriend witness him and then being brave to record even as she was being arrested. God Bless her because that's Pain, that's hurt. that's just sad..

I found myself reading a lot of facebook posts and Reddit posts from many sides, as well as talking to my brother who is an officer. I've seen lots of post out of Anger and hate, as well as fear and hope,

from what I've read on a Mega Thread on Reddit  r/ProtectAndServe  Thesse are folks in Law Enforcement and event realize that the Baton Rouge situation was totally an unnecessary shooting.
I really It's a lot  and you see folks who take it for a joke, but the truth is all through there when regarding the rhetoric based around both situations (Mainly Baton Rouge)

As for Dallas, The Shootings/ Mulder of Police Officers, I'm glad they caught the sniper. It's very sad what happened around that situation. I really have no further words other than to my black folks. We gotta do better. Pay attention, Try to Comply as much as you can before something gets out of hand.

These Officers  (as well as Murderous Civilians) are acting off Fear Impulses. and It's been happening for YEARS! As a Citizen all we can do is adhere to what ever the laws are which protect us.  Gun Usage IMO should always be a last resort..

I have more to say but I don't really Know how at the moment.

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