Friday, July 08, 2016

My Aunt Brenda Died last Sunday

She was in the hospital for a about 3 weeks in a coma, she eventually woke up and was responsive. but her body wasn't able. She was in her 60's. It was her time. Although we are at peace with it as a whole. It's understood that some of my family members aren't dealing with it too well. but that's family and their issues. I just pray that we get through this with love and forgiveness in our hearts for those who may bicker with each other. we are family.

My Aunt Brenda, I wish I could have spent time with her in the past 2 years. and the sad part is, I could have, although I didn't know where she lived.  I'll miss her though. Seeing her pic over facebook, posted by my cousin. It's what made me cry. She's the first of my grandma's 12 kids,  She leaves behind 8 sisters and 2 brothers. a few years ago my Aunt Buckwee passed away and that was a scare for my aunt Brenda as well because we thought she was about to go then. But God's plan was to keep her here another 2 years.   I'm gonna miss her...Life goes on though.
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