Friday, July 08, 2016

Deadly Impulse: The Driven Force

After discussing the recent shootings with Jaime as well as Kandace, It's hard to write about it. But for the most part It's the relationship between citizen and officer.

We live in a society where everyone reacts out of fear, Police were trained to handle situations with what ever force is necessary, Some officers go completely overboard, These things are discussed all the time. My thing is, Citizens should have an idea of how to behave when officers are around, so that they can live. so that they can go home.

There are things that we have been tough to do in certain situations that go clean out the window when things happen before  us... When dealing with any type of authority. it's easier to comply now and complain later. As my brother stays.No donuts, you do wanna fight for your rights,. but do that in a courtroom legally,.

Police on the other hand should deal with each situation differently and not treat people like wild animals. we are humans we are you. Hostility does not help. Do your job!. being Trigger happy is bad!!

We need to stop making everything Black and White, The issue is bigger, I believe that things like this lead to martial law.  which is a police state.  we don't need that.  But Killing police as a reaction to a police killing is not the answer. War is not the answer.

I have family and friends who are police officers, I don't wanna see them dead at all. not by murder.
I have an Uncle who was Killed by Police officers as well.. It happens, there was no protest for it, nor was there any justification for the shooting. it just happened

Consider the timeline from the 90's on up.. Depending on location, We can go back to the 60's but I don't wanna go that far.. Police Brutality was the Case at the end in the 20th Century yet we had opened the 20th century with   Police Killings .. and now the people are doing exactly what the 90's songs once said,. Killing Cops. It's all just wrong..

.. You know.. I was gonna do a timeline with Memorable songs regarding police brutality and the hip hop outcry such as NWA's tunes,  but i really don't wanna at the moment. I guess I'll end this one with   this.

I think about my Brother Jaime Alot, He's an officer in Houston. I don't want to see him dead by an ignorant fool/ God be with him and all law enforcement. Now is the time for change. we need love, not hate in this world.. Life!!!.

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