Friday, July 15, 2016

Just Up

I Guess I need to change my Sleeping patterns

There are some things I wanna make happen this year for myself and online,
I gotta figure out how to make those moves.
I still got 6 months of acting time though,.
Yeah This Blogging pattern is crazy.
But I'm doing it! lol

I spend my week listening to music, prepping for the weekend, Sleeping during the day. yet waking up early & sleeping early. Playing Skyrim and cooking up a storm. I also managed to watch all 3 back to the future movies and facebooked a number of things regarding my feelings toward the recent events.

Which Brings me to a point where I recently talked to a UNO Campus police officer regarding her stance on the murders of  Alton  & Phlando Castle, she has her views and a few I didn't agree with but I understand her POV as an Officer, She also expressed her feelings toward the BLM movement and the Dallas shootings, It was pretty cool to hear her take on the Idea that the events count insight martial law in the future and why they wouldn't dare to do it under the Obama Presidency,

Very cool 6am conversation.,  It reminded me that I should start my days at 6am LOL!.  God will help me get there! It was beautiful outside!.
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