Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Grasping the Concept 3: Everybody's woke...

Everybody want's to claim to be woke and Concision, but the only time they really do this is when religion is the subject. They also don't see beyond black issues..  they look for Black knowledge in books that weren't even written by black folks but because it says "Egypt" on it they're like "YEAH THIS IS GOD CONSCIOUSNESS"  Wong... well no, they might be right. but who cares. They bask in their Black Consciousness that they forget the higher levels of consciousness. The ways of seeing the world beyond the their blackness. I'm keen on the troubles of the world, I'm very aware. but I know that all of this wasn't due to some Black Conspiracy.. Let them tell it, It's their Religion to think that way..

Everybody's wants to be Woke, but here you go..

Wake, Awake, Awaken, Awakening,Awakened
Woke, Awoke, Awoken

The words at the bottom once meant the past tense of the ones at the top, but most people say "I'm Woke" when they should be saying "I'm Awake"

Sleep, Slept, Sleeping
Coma, Comatose Slumber
Nap, Napping, Napped

All means that you're = Unaware

and if you are aware but refuse to accept what you see OR have been made aware of, then you're Idle, ignorant or negligent

But some don't get that either..

If you were really woke, you would be able to spot on define what folks are being manipulated by in this world instead of waiting on a Meme or video which confirms your worldview..

No dount. I read alot of forums, others read alot of books, that's all good. I respect that. but don't somehow tie all of this to "It's holding the black man down" when There is both a Secular and Spiritual war going on that you're totally refusing to acknowledge.

Selective Attention maybe?
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