Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Grasping Part 2

I see a lot of these Pan-African and their Neo-African Diaspora are killing me with their "Everything ties to Kemet" (Egypt) postings. many memes spreading misinformation and it kills me because people believe it. Makes me wanna start sharing Onion news.

So I'm on Instagram and Twitter, I see people with their names, even my friends, with names like Nubian Kemetic Goddess, or Kemetic Negus, or Egyptian Negus . Others claiming to be Hebrew Israelites and Moabites, from the Tribe of Canaan and all that good stiff. Okay Cool. but don't be up here saying things in Swahili and Motswana (Botswana's language) and wearing dashikis as if all of this came from Egypt..


A Negus is an Ethiopian King. Not Kemet

A Nubia was Kush, not Kemet and biblically we know that Cush was the grandson of Noah, Deny the bible, but it falls back in place...

They greet people with Sankofa and Uhuru Sasa, I get it, and I respect it but still these are Terms of West African, Ghana and Sub Saharan origin like Swahili

on top of that they like to mention their Chakra's which is and Indian term for the spiritual aura

On top of that Astrology (and other sciences) get in the mix.. how. Well, I get it, but it all has nothing to do with what they all want to believe.

Then with Certain pro black religious sects they like to ask "What's your nationality?" and they expect you to say "African-American,that you they can Drill in to your heads according to their beliefs that you're actually an Israelite, Moabite or from Kemetic.. When actually they all could be wrong. The reason is because not everyone has the same origin.

Over facebook, I stated that I'd tell them that I'm of the Choctaw Nation, because that will hurt their souls a bit knowing I didn't side with one that they religiously connect with.. Until you do ancestry on your own self being, don't claim what your obviously not. Even if you're tied to the religion. We as a whole are the Sons of Israel by faith. but that doesn't say that it was out place of origin..

Then They are the sme people who act like the slaves from East Africa were brought to america, when you ask them Everybody was a King and Queen who built and wrote on the walls of the Pyramids... yet Egypt wasn't built by Kings and Queens...

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