Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Grasping The Concept

There are things I see on my timeline that irks me, it's because I feel that everybody has a messed up view of their own world. when dealing with life, people, relationships etc. every bodies being influenced by the wrong things and are living it as if it's the way things are supposed to be.

I've been writing about it a bit over facebook about it, yet the views being my views may not get any hype, but it's not necessarily what I write it for anyway..

Most recently I typed in Ezekiel on Reddit and realized that there are multiple posts on Atheism forums poking fun at Ezekiel 23:20,  saying "Ha Explain that to your kids" .. memes and everything poking fun. This sounds more like the duties of agnostic's because if they were true atheists, they wouldn't be concerned of the stories of the bible. why is it they care that much to bring it up?

"Some People Just don't grasp the concept".
I wrote this and It got a number of likes, great, right!. I guess being that it was general. But I was talking about a number of things, After I had seen some religious postings as well as some relationship based postings, as I stated in the opening; Folks have their own view of the world, and their view In my opinion is messed up. some folks wanna be what they're not, claim they're "woke" and they disrespect women, terrible! .Others are on their  Men vs Women trip to the point where they don't get Love.. and God, is totally out of the equation... This stuff makes me feel like I'll be single for ever.

Example:  There are these folks who treat each relationship with as if they don't care about the person, but they care about what the person can do for them or how they appear to be, that's a problem.  Treating a  relationship as a "Come up" is wrong, because it shows that you didn't value the previous relationship, and that you plan on basking in the glory of the next guy or girl for the wrong reason.. Value yourself before you give that duty to someone else.

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