Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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There was a "Movement" for Everything in the 70's..

I'm part of the Black National Revolutionary Vanguard for Progressive Advancement and Freedom of the Hebrew Negro Nation of Islamic Christians Against Apartheid for Liberation & Justice.
A Meme Said

Black folks ,cook breakfast for who ever is awake, you're sleeping, you ain't getting any.

That's a misconception.  ;lol In my family My Grandpa cooked enough  grits for so many people that anyone can go there and eat breakfast before work or school..

God Conscious 
Lots of those who consider themselves to be conscious aren't as awake as they would like themselves to be. But they broadcast their newly found wisdom as if it makes them superior to others.

 Racist Gravity
Somewhere on facebook there's a Racist black person saying "White people invented gravity to hold the black man down.." (lol)

 Conspiracy Brother
Growing up they used to call me crazy for understanding the beast, i grew up with encyclopedias and world maps in my house. piecing things together biblical and secular as a way to understand the world around me.

and now days everybody's on their "conspiracy brother / conscious" tip..being enlightened by what ever they see on YouTube.. and most of them can't think beyond the race issue.
My Name isn't Wes Craven
When editing video footage. the length of the footage times vs the file type (and preferences) as well as the hardware/software being used to create the file itself.
The greater the quality the slower the creation process.
on my part If a video is an hour long, it may take 4 hours to complete.
^^ all of that Minus the full editing process including which depending on the content, could be nearly 2 full weeks of 16 hour shifts, no lunch breaks.
But folks sit up here expecting "40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks" to happen Overnight.
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