Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Randomness from Elsewhere

These are just random posts from over facebook

Breaking News

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find it , the little lamb is said to have been kidnapped by Mary, she's quite contrary. If you see her please contact the muffin man. he'll be on Drury lane near Jack Horner's corner. sitting on Miss Muffet's tuffet. .

Everybody's a Legend (Band Related)
Honestly, many of us were non-factors with absolutely no clout. But nowadays everybody is self-professed Legend with someone to vouch for them.

Mac Problems 
Every time i see somebody with Mac problems I Laugh simply because they purchased it assuming it was indestructible.
They take these things to the Apple store only to hear "Your PC has Chlamydia " and in their minds their shocked because they assumed macs were immune to viruses, and then their even more boggled by the fact that the technician refereed to it as a "PC", because they're so bought by Apple Terminology that they forgot that Mac's are Personal Computers..... LOL!

Carismatic Maybe?

Many who attend COGIC churches assume to they're denomination when they're literally just a Pentecostal organization of churches. nothing wrong being Pentecostal unless you're like charismatic extremists LOL

Counting, Band Related 

Things you're bound to Do on 7-8 while in band..
Mark time
Whip Turn
To The Rear
Double time

The Club: 
 WWE Brought in the Bullet Club but can't use their name Yet certain wrestlers and fans have invented their own Mock Clubs, that'show you know the Bullet Club's Influence is major..

In WWE, the new faction The Club Itself is a play on the Bullet Club simply because it uses the Bullet Club's members ..

Amidst that, Finn Balor has "Balor Club" merchandise

also Ryback's Newest Independently created Shirt to the right

Below is the Booty Club, a fan made emblem for The New Day..

Alumni Be Like: (Band Related)
"They're changing too much, Doc wouldn't....".
. Yet Stevie wonder's music has changed a lot since the 1960's.. had he remained the same he wouldn't have been so innovative in the music industry ..

Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby:
I saw an article and video regarding how young ladies in college are looking for Sugar Daddies and claiming to be Sugar Babies.. I don't care how you see it, the way I see it is....


Geo-location (New Orleans):
When You're claiming Hollygrove but facebook maps shows you're living in Leonidas...(lol)

Hidden In Plain Sight 
There's truth in "Hidden Colors" but its also full of rhetorical propaganda. Great info nonetheless...

Two More for the Conscious Crew
Everybody who's on their consciousness tip tends to acknowledge they're aware of the problems but never have a resolution.

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