Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Brother and his family have landed.

Today is my Niece's 3rd Birthday and I was awaken from my slumber by my Brother who jumped in my bed as I slept. I Elbowed him IN DE FACE prior to actually waking up  It's great that they're here. It's always good to see them. We'll be heading to the Zoo tomorrow in celebration!

I'm still Kind of tired after not getting a full day of sleep yesterday, (Blame Skyrim) I need to invest my time into the videos I need to do though, Get that overwith by the end of the week.  It's been a whole month already. But I'll be okay,.

I've been meaning to post an old blog in relation to the recent flooding and things. I've facebooked and instagramed my thoughts, failing to document them here. I'm terrible for that, but That's what happens when certain platforms are popular. I may end up either giving up on one, or two.

This post is an incomplete thought. LOL! I'll be back with something else before the day ends. I may even post my thoughts on "Other Peoples Problems"  Gotta get that out of my head man.

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