Saturday, August 27, 2016

When They Tout "We didn't wait and Complain"

I Originally wrote this over Instagram/Facebook during the week of the Great Flood of Louisiana (Yes it;s a coined phrase now.)  In light of all the assistance given as well as work being done and or too be done, there was commentary. Commentary from people who were affected and unaffected by the storm. many giving their thoughts on the process and the new found struggles, others  comparing disasters, some even bringing light to the horrible situations.  But what caught my attention was a person who talked about their situation, at for the post part I Agree with the commentary, , but the problem I had what when stating this "We didn't wait and complain"

I was mildly offended by that one line,  I expound In the Initial post below.

 You can View the he exact Comment from discussion Donald J. Trump, Please go to the flooding in Louisiana Before Obama and Crooked get there.. Or check the screen shot.

My Response:
My only issue with this post is where it says "we didn't wait and complain" which clearly implies that a disdain for people who could not help themselves in this situation or situations prior to this one. I'm pretty sure when the federal government starts issuing relief funds you will also be in those lines. You don't have to be boastful about the Good Deeds that you do for people. Especially when it makes you sound kind of silly. 
I'm mildly offended by that one part because the same type of comments were made during other storms and floods when they would get on TV comparing their relief efforts to the Katrina relief efforts and knocking the people of New Orleans for their the actions or inability to act promptly to help themselves. The truth about what happened in New Orleans is just like you see in other parts of Louisiana the government's response was not fast enough so we were forced to help ourselves just as you had to do it's natural instinct to save yourself and to look out for other people. You have a right to take pride in doing a good deed. But don't belittle the people who could not do for themselves because when they're able they might just do for you. 
to paraphrase the movie Minority Report I'll put it this way. When the chips are down , when the pressure is on , every creature on the face of the Earth if interested in one thing and one thing only. Its own Survival

With That Stated, The Comment beneath it is true.  But The situation at hand, Basically truth is, just like in katrina, the people saved themselves, yet had no choice but to wait out the matters AFTER the we all left the city. Otherwise, just like everyone else, Our people saved ourselves, The Government wasn't going to be able to save everybody, They didn't even respond til a day late for Katrina

I recall  katrina documentaries where  folks who complained during the flood, But it was understood, Those people were in a helpless situation. what the big Complaint was about was mainly Adequate shelter. See, for years prior to Katrina The Louisiana Superdome would be a place of refuge, at least for a day, But During the Nagin Administration, The Superdome was no longer to be used as a shelter...It should have been common sense that the dome wouldn't be shelter.    Especially after a commendatory evacuation.

Please note: those warnings were ALL voluntary until August 27th 2005 where they basically  Nagin announced a Mandatory evacuation, Reiterating that there will be no shelters within city limits. There of course were people who didn't heed the warnings whether it was choice, or had no means of transportation.  

People felt that We, New Orleanians should have Heeded the warnings, because we know our city is below Sea level, but the truth is, for years the concept has been discussed. But we had NO IDEA that it would happen so soon.  We usually waited out storms, it was "The thing to do"   so for the most of us We Waited the storm out. We knew It would flood, just not beyond 4 feet. ...

It was AFTER the 9 to 14 Feet of water that folks really begin to complain that "They" Didn't open the dome,...Seeing it Live myself horrid!   I was supersized that folks were even able to walk to the dome, because my area was flooded much worse.. But enough of that..

Personally I was safe the whole time, but We had no chose but to leave.. Everybody who waited out the had no choice. We couldn't just wait till the water subsided and get to work We all weren't here when that happened...   I personally had no complaints.   but of course When Everyone was away. the big complain was moreso "They Took us out, How will we get back?  When will we get back?"  of course There was no "free ticket back" everybody WORKED THEIR WAY HOME. The Government Provided Shelters  ...  AS THEY ARE DOING CURRENTLY!... why complain about that? as long as you're safe, No complaints .. The Government can't rebuild your home, they do and will provide assistance, and I doubt that it Won't be accepted by anyone who feels "I can do this myself because i'm bigger than the government" .. The way I feel, Accept the help you get, or Help People who need it... Yes, do the work yourself. but don't act like you're better than everybody because you "helped yourself".

There's more I could say, but I'll end it here. I gotta go somewher.

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