Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Embracing The Offence

When Offensive things (such as language) is  accepted and embraced by one culture, it only becomes a problem to the cultures that created those things (or terms),

Example "The N Word" was used by those who hated blacks.
After it became something taboo for them to mention in public,
Black people began to use the N Word to identify Males of all races.  just about everybody uses The N Word term among their own race/circles  But, because it's going to forever be identified as a Belittling term there are open discussions about the excessiveness of the term usage by blacks.Folks need to let it be, because the term is no different than using any other word you can't use on  television

Like the the Band "Steely Dan" was named after a Sex Toy Had the FCC been "Hot" then, they would have gotten sued, reprimanded, and everything else.. (lol)  But now Steely Dan is one of the most iconic bands of it's era.  and people love saying their name.

Or even the band "Beastie Boys"   Their name is a term describes Jewish people who act like black people"

and then there was "Hebro"  as in "Hebrew Negro" ^^ which meant the same as that above..

Another example "Chuck / Charlie"  

Although The word Charlie was Identified the Letter "C" in NATO Phonic Alphabet,  The Term as well as "Chuck" was a derogitory term used to Identify Viet Cong Soldiers...  "Charlies in the Jungle"
.. Black U.S. Marines eventually began using the term "Chuck" using the term to identify the White Individuals. But they probably weren't offended by it because they'd probably never had a clue they were being called that..

Generally, Most nick names don't come from the greatest of places, but when you embrace it, you welcome yourself into the world as someone who will "Live forever"
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