Friday, September 16, 2016

The Paintings: Concept & Acceptance.

There are many who question why the romans invented the painting/sculpture "jesus". well, technically they didn't invent him,. they were the first to actually have an artistic concept of what jesus is to them.

Consider, the romans before christianity believed in the their own Major 12 gods which were equals to or Similar to the Gods of Greece.

Also in rome, there are shrines and temples dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt.. Consider that all those people were trying to do when they decided to create a statue or painting of the Goddess Egyptian Isis as a White woman, the artist was just trying to Identify what he knew around him to what he or she believed is divine.

As did those before , who believed (and still believe) that they have a totem. Whether it be a totem of Nature or a totem of the wild, They felt that it represented them, so they adapted it as part of their cultural system of believes and customs

Take it to a Child's mind frame. , when we get a child a coloring book, they color in the white spaces with what ever they feel should identify that character...
Or what ever we paint, draw, or create, we identify with what we know.... .

it's human nature to want to be or feel represented and accepted, so the way we do that is "Blacken" Everything

Black Superman, Black Santa Clause, Black Jesus, Black Aristotle lol . just sayin'

I, Don't think I'm dome with this subject.

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