Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Pride and Empowering

Nothing wrong with having pride in your race. the problem comes in when you say "I am superior because my skin. heritage, culture, ethnicity is Better than you and will not share the same stage with you because you are not my equal" it's why they call it "Racism" everybody wants to Win the race.. It's okay to be happy for your someone who looks like you. even if they don't totally represent your lifestyle etc.

I'm Black.(according to legal records) lol..As a black person you grow up watching TV Shows,. Movies and Cartoons and in all of the shows YOU would claim to "Be" that one person..We Black folks felt a special connection to the Token Black characters because we didn't have much representation.

We wanted to be The Black Power Ranger and the Black Ghost buster because there was only. and We also thought power rangers was a bit better when the black guy  was the Black ranger, but to save face they made a black girl the yellow ranger and it kept us interested..  Those things are NEEDED! it makes us feel good and it keeps us as being fans..   We are Proud of that representation. There's also Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds,  As a young child, I didn't quite get that the character was gay, I just thought he had cool dance moves LOL!   But it was still cool to see the 1 black character on that as well.   type cast role's are a whole nother subject though. We don't wanna be the gangster, gang banger all the time.. lol

Some people are upset that we put Stamp our names on everything. but in most cases, we didn't stamp our name on it, It was Put in our name and we decided to make it our own, claim hold dear to it.. that's what pride is be PROUD.

Historically Black Colleges, they're not segregated schools. they were designated for blacks in a time where blacks were being denied entry to Predominately white institutions.   They're not "Black Only" schools. We encourage our kids to attend them because we understand their impact on the lives of kids

Last night I was talking to someone regarding empowering our youth, and showing them that success is not far fetched, I believe in empowering young minds to do great things, but we have to show them people who look like OR who come from their Neighborhoods & Schools to show them that Success was made "Right Here" .. and we are PROUD of that.. Whether its a Rapper or Lawyer or Scientist. We are proud of Your success and say "We can do it" because you are successful/

Fact. You can be Black and Successful, and because you're black, you'll have our support, BUT if we don't agree with What you stand for, who you are tied to. that could dwindle your support.

I had more to say about this subject but I'll leave it here for now... (phone call)
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