Thursday, December 08, 2016

This Grammarly Plugin on Chrome is Boss

Just a week after recently being called out on my grammar errors on facebook, I stumbled across the Grammerly extension for chrome. and it's great!. much greater than spell check alone, it actually looks for punctuation errors, sentence structure and formatting errors.  it's pretty easy to figure out where you've messed up after being told by the extension, It just helped me clear up at least 10 of the 12 errors I'd initially made, It left me with Just 2 errors. one of which is formatting, the other was wordy sentences, I personally know I'm not the greatest writer, so I'm glad about having this app to  help me out on that level. Pretty cool.

There's an app for windows as well as Microsoft Office and it works on the web in large text boxes
 Although better the plans are premium, the plugins are free and downloadable. I personally feel that the plans are expensive. all except for the Annual plan where you get the best value for $140.00 a year..

Check it out 
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