Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wanting to Start a Reddit Forum

I have an Idea about making a Reddit for a passion of mine, but I feel that it's too late. the community has found its platform away from the one that I manage. and the way things have gone with it is disappointing. Especially being that it's a privately ran platform totally which was exiled as they migrated to facebook groups.

Building a Reddit only adds to the place for discussion. but considering I already run a platform, I shouldn't take away from it. But on the contrary, it would be a great thing to have out community present on Reddit. it's an easy access location. Also, I honestly don't think our community has many spaces on Reddit it would be a good spot, But if I build, will they come? I don't know yet. they're so hooked on facebook as if they own them. all I want to do is create a space for greatness.
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